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May is almost one of the most beautiful months here - the sunshine is bright but not hot; the wind is soft breeze full of flowers fragrance. I could think of all the beautiful things walking in May. Classical puppet has presented us steam band lolita dresses, jumper, skirt and other accessories, for steampunk and gothic lolita lovers.

Compared with previous series, this steam band lolita dress series is released as a reserve - order before May 30th, there will be 10-15USD discount based on original price. As you could see, their releases are always original, unique and top quality. There are one piece dress, jumper lolita, skirt 3 different pieces to select from, there's ultimately one suitable for you.

Dresses are tailored by beautiful printed cotton, with chiffon and taffeta, cotton lace as accessories and inner lining. You could see the tailors always exquisite the dress at each detail - the shoulder, wristcuffs, waist zipper, shirred back, removable chest lace and back bow, you could play with the coords and do your own unique style.
Besides these listed above, there's also a dress made to fit the causal lolita theme - this dress has minimized the details while still maintain it's beauty. If wear it alone, it's a perfect casual lolita; if wear together with the inner wear sets, it's a great luxurious formal dress, not less.
All these items have the inner wear underskirt, bonnet, shirt, etc ready for your pickup, easy to make a perfect combo.

Returns: Beautiful Princess in Forest

Lolita clothing, originated from the victoria, rococo and gothic styles,  is about the most beautiful side of our life - find our dream lolita dresses, lace shirts, rocking horse shoes, and present the best yourself with the unique coords, it's a pleasant experience. My-lolita-dress is composed of a team of royal fashion follower and always here ready to help you begin this happy trip with the excellent quality lolita clothes.

It's my great honor to bring you a princess in forest. These photos are modeled and kindly returned by our customer.

Model: Lovisa    Size: L       Main Theme Color: Pink






Isn't she beautiful? The broad sunlight makes the color quite off, but the light also flatters on her apperance and make everything so dream like. The dress is tailored by cotton and cotton lace, with beautiful unicorn prints.

Now let's take a look at another coords, pulled together by skirt and handmade headbow.





Sweet lolita dresses is the ever-lasting classic - there's always an ideal dress waiting for you. Summer's coming, wearing the dresses with a petite umbrella, you are a beautiful scene!

For more beautiful photos returned by our clients, please view: Buyer Show

The more I work with lolita fashion,  stay with these beautiful dresses, and help girls get the dream lolita dresses, coords, or that long desired handmade headbow,  the more I am clear that lolita fashion is about love. It's the love of the ourselves and everyone around, the love of the beauty. With lolita fashion, is enjoying our life with a positive attitude, and in a gorgeous pose.

I built this store to help convey and expand these positive things. So the store is based on objective information, real photos, and smooth communication. Do I make mistakes? Yes, I am afraid more than once. When this happens, I will communicate with you in a timely responsive manner, and I burden my mistakes, trying to make everything as simple as possible. Of course most important, is the steps taken to prevent the mistakes from happening.

Recently we got some new styles lolita dresses, and I really wish to share this one with you. It's an original design from white moon, which has embodies all the beautiful dreams we have about ourselves. This photo looks a little bit color off, but I love the bright sunshine. There's a surface layer of white organza, which flatters the dress in a prettier way.
The puffy short sleeves makes the overall dress looks more princess like. It's with a babydoll touch, not much shrink around the waist part.
Shirred back could addd in a little extra space, easy to adjust the dress to best fit.
Matching wristcuffs, same kind of fairytale beauty.
This style also comes with a version which doesn't have sleeves, but with a normal waistline, which works best to flatter your body shape as needed. There's a ball pannier worn inside the dress.
Here's a photo of how the dress looks without shirt, on a plastic model. You could see the beautiful lace and other details.

It's open for reserve now, will be ready around May or June. Sorry this can't help with your "big time" quite recently, but it's a dress good for parties, meetups, daily lolita, or whatever you want! It is beautiful and unique, original design, will definitely make you standing out in a crowd. To ensure the perfect look of the dress, there's no side zipper.

Please check here for more details: http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/strawberry-sweeties-blue-cake-prints-chiffon-lolita-jumper-dress-whm-32

Why I Got Blocked by EGL-Sales

Hey, girls, really sorry I have been trying to avoid this issue for so long time, which bring a lot of negative guesses. I built this blog, trying to record why I began the little store, the stories happened on the way, the new styles lolita dresses, etc. But for a while it's quite fail for my original purpose.

Got kicked out from egl is because I posted a couple of comments for girls who might not need exactly what I offer. Yes, I made mistake - I was excited about this new server I offer (I was just out from the long years IT job, and lolita fashion is indeed something I love, so I was too excited). I didn't realize my reply was actually a spam. I got blocked out from egl by admin, and there's no way to go back.

I did realize my mistake and I begged promise I realized my mistake and won't do that anymore. But there's rules at egl. My fault.

But that's not because we are related with milanoo in any way. The goal which we bring up our little store has never been changed: we wish to help girls get beautiful and top quality stuffs at limited budget. In another words, for same budget, you could get more items from us, which quality is guaranteed.

How is the quality guaranteed?
1)Our photos are real photos, on real stuffs.
2)We sell indie brands from China, which have over 10+ years experience at lolita fashion, with very positive feedbacks. I have seen and worn these lolita dresses, blouses, shoes myself and I love them.

A list of main indie brands we covered:
Surface Spell
Chess Story
Magic Tea Party
Classical Puppets

3)If you want to 100% sure about our quality, we'd be more than happy to get you photos taken by mobile(accurately, iphone), before the items got shipped out. So you could still make the decision by then.

4)All our payments online are received by paypal, so you could file a dispute if anything; although that's not really necessary, as just in worst case we make mistakes, we always handle it right away and burden the full responsibility.

I have to say, my attention got distracted from this blog a little, as I run more at facebook. I felt a little bit hard to face the fact that my account's blocked by my stupid mistake. But now I realized and I will go on recording my stuffs here.

In the long run, I have got a lot of supports from dear customers. You girls are the most valuable thing in my mind, and drive me going improving our products and service. I have this blog here, so you could find me easily, if you get used to livejournal, rather than facebook, or email.
Happy 2014! Wish new year everyone will enjoy the beautiful life every day!

We have got some new arrivals from infanta, magic tea party, new lolita bags, and some others. In new year, our goal is to go on providing great quality lolita clothes and accessories for girls, at lowest price. Let's fight for it! Following are new designs for your review.

Infanta New King and Nightingale Embroidery Lolita Coat

-Coat comes with removable cape.

-4 groups of embroidery on the skirt part, quite elaborate. Also embroidery on the cape.

-Tailored by 50%+ cashmere cloth, with velvet inner lining, bringing you super warm in winter.

-Available at coffee, wine, dark blue 3 colors.

This jacket works great with the new steampunk time machine series dress, same original design from infanta. Wearing together creates a great steampunk look.

This dress is by velvet, with silver embroidery. The waist features corset design, which could best frame your bodyshape. Below is a look of the dress on model. There's a coffee shirt worn inside, which is also available at our store.

Surface Spell A Maiden with Herb Silk Braid Lolita Coat

This is quite opposite of the infanta coat at style, but same beautiful.

-Tailored by cashmere cloth, quite warm, with inner lining.

-Black, Blue, Camel three colors, with matching fur collar

-Also features beautiful and delicate embroidery of herb flowers.

-Custom tailor available for this lolita coat

Besides the super beautiful lolita coats and dresses above, there's also a gothic series from dream of lolita, the vampire Requiem theme goth skirt and jumper.

Please don't miss this if you are looking for a goth outfit now.

Velvet high waist lolita skirt with embroidery
-available at wine and blue 2 colors
-ready in stock.

If any questions, emails us to: contact@my-lolita-dress.com and we will come back in 24 hrs.

Warm Winter, Sweetie Winter

It has been a while for the update here. Our little lolita store's going well. Time flies while we busy improving ourselves and update new stuffs for girls. We wish this could be a safe and convenient place for lolitaers to get good quality stuffs from indie brands at cheap price.

Please see what we could give you for a beautiful while warm lolita winter. New arrivals lolita dresses with inner lining, velvet lolita dresses, lolita jackets and boots to get pretty and adorable you standout in crowd.

Great to wear with lolita skirt, or with shirt for autumn and spring.Classic design!

Elegant embroideries, ready in stock.

Black, red, pink, navy blue, name the color you want! Custom tailor available too.

College style lolita jacket with beautiful embroidery, red, blue color also available.

There are many more new styles, we keep updating, please keep an eye on us ^__^

New on shelf - infanta snow white lolita dress, lolita skirt, coming with matching headbow, bonnet, hairpin flowers and skirt, tailored by top quality cotton material with beautiful prints.
The lolita dresses and accessories are in stock, ready to be shipped out in 2-4 days after your order. Hot sales now, don't miss the chance :)

Available at blue and wine two colors. You could see the beautiful white head flowers hairpin at above photos.

This series also has a skirt available for your easy beautiful combo with blouses.

Don't miss the chance to get this printed lolita dress - you know, once the cotton used up, it's hard to get one exactly the same again :)

Spring Lolita Shoes - 2013

There's a balloon hang on the tree near my house. They make an interesting picture. There are some peach flowers in blossom, in my favourite pink color. Everything is so vivid -life in spring. Warm sunshine drives away my laziness and everything seems so attractive. A friend who loves cosplay visits. She's planning to join a comic con in a lolita outfit, you know, something sweet and cute. I am not really a big fan of so called cosplay lolita -most anime have to fancy dresses to be worn by us daily, and cosers need to get them at cosplay shops, which are often good looking while low quality. Well, just the different standard - I know it's good to dress beautiful at low budget, since most cosers I know change a different character every time. What I am really happy, is to see some girls in really lolita outfits there. I think the cosplay is to be someone different at that environment, so a real lolita is even more special there, right?

Anyway, we had some chitchat and enjoyed tea and sweets. I also volunteered her some of my cotton lace jewelries. Together we also browsed the new arrivals spring lolita shoes. Share some photos here :)
Pink Sash Bow High Heels Lolita Spring Shoes
white sweet sash bows shoes
Pink Bold Handmade Flower Lolita Shoes - the colors are changeable, or you could also
choose different color for the shoes and flower.
Shiny red lolita bows shoes - you could also choose to do it non-shiny

I also found that a little creativity could change a lot. The colors and heels styles of these shoes are all changeable. 

New Arrival Velvet Lolita JSK Dresses

Back from the holiday, I have found some beautiful new styles lolita velvet dresses, now available on shelf. I would like to share the photos here for your easy reviews :) They are tailored by top quality velveteen, available at several colors, suitable to wear in spring, autumn and winter.
There are three different styles for you to select from: the first one theme at the swan lake winter dancing, with beautiful cotton lace.
The second one has beautiful deer and castles prints, ruffles trim. Both are available at black, coffee, dark green several colors.
The last style is more classic, with layers of ruffles on the skirt, great to go with long sleeves blouse. The skirt part comes with inner lining.
Spring comes and it's time to plan something for this beautiful season! I already begin imaging the happy tea meetups in the warm sunshine, surrounded by green trees and flowers, with friends all in charm lolita outfits. I know that would take a lot of time to plan, so it's even better to think early, right?

Recently a friend gets a classic A-line lolita dress, sailor style, very beautiful. I sincerely believe these classic designs of the lolita fashion, would never lose its color as time goes. They are still play the most important role in my wardrobe.

I want to share her photos with you with her comment:
Ignore how gross my face is ‘cuz I’ve been out with friends all day also not wearing tights or anything but OH MY FUCKING GOD MY FIRST LOLITA DRESS CAME IN I’M SO HAPPY.
Model: Alexis L
Seriously I’ve never felt prettier I LOVE lolita AH! I can’t wait to acquire more!

Classical Puppets A-Line Petticoat with a OP from My-Lolita-Dress.com


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